5/14-5/16: 1st grade

Universal Human Value: Love Sub-value: Understanding

Thought of the week: “Understanding is love’s other name” - Thich Nhat Hanh

Objective: To seek to understand others by imagining the possible reasons behind their actions.

Silent Sitting: Light Meditation


1: Promethean Board

Choreography-imagine your own box to dance in

2: Dance station-in hallway entrance

C section; 

3: Boomwhackers

Play the melody of the b section

The letters are on the paper by the purple treble clef

4: Sensei Station

notes of B section on keyboard-E G C EE G B

5: Keyboards

notes of B section on keyboard

individual practice

6: Individual practice

A section-focus on memorization

7: Dry erase board

Answer the math problems

Make musical math problems for the next group

When finished at the station only erase your answers