5/26: 1st grade

Universal Human Value: ove

Sub-value: elf-Acceptance

Thought of the week: “Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.” - Gautama Buddha Objective: o accept who and where we are so that every difficulty is an opportunity to grow. Silent Sitting: ight Meditation - Square Breathing


Sensei Station-what "u" need

Keyboards Station-practice B section

Human Values Station-1/2 sheet exercise

On top half of the sheet write or draw negative feelings about yourself

On the other half write or draw positive feelings about yourself

Write down on either side one thought you have about this

Tear paper in half and crumple the negative thoughts

post positive thoughts somewhere you will see every day

Computer Station-www.sensei-suckow.com

Promethean Board-Singing and Dancing with Drag Me Down

Dry Erase Board-rhythm math

Fiddle Sticks-Card Game

Rhythm Flashcards-choose a leader