3/6-3/8: 3rd grade

Universal Human Value

Value: Zeal

Thought of the week: “Zeal will do more than knowledge.” - William Hazlitt

Objective: Learning to cultivate enthusiasm and passion for one’s goals and purpose in life.

Bell Work: What are some goals that you have?  What are some distractions that you experience that keep you from working towards that goal every day?


1-promethean board

2-Create a rhythm

Choose a piece of construction paper and create a 4 beat rhythm pattern in pencil

It should fill the entire page and be neat

Then trace over rhythm with a marker


tone matrix


Write down your goals (life) 

Then list distractions that could keep you from meeting your goal


Scales-RH 12345 54321

LH 54321 12345

6 and 7-Sensei Station