3/1: 2nd

Universal Human Value: Right-Action (Love in Action)

Value: Goodness

Thought of the week: “I am light, You are light, We are light.”

When have you seen the light in yourself in the last day?

Station 1:  Piano

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 7.37.13 AM.png

Using fingers 1, 3, 5-play every other white key

Station 2:  Promethean Board

Station 3:  Vocal Health Station

Vocal Warm Ups: Stretch, massage, buzz, vowels

Station 4: Movement station:  awareness of locomotion

Do as I do:  choose leader to walk around the room.  When leader stops, all should stop.  When leader walks, all should walk, after stopping, leader can choose other ways to move around.  Take turns being the leader

Station 5:  Computers-password is Student!

Piggy's Piano

Station 6: Treble clef note reading

Leader points to a line or space and group says what letter that note is.  Then leader plays that note on the xylophone and all students sing.

Station 7:  Rhythm cards

Say the rhythms of the flashcards using ta's and ti-ti's

Station 8:  Dry Erase Board

Draw or write what helps you feel peaceful

Station 9: Sensei Station

put your music knowledge to the test!


Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 7.28.21 AM.png