Jan. 9th-12th: K/1st

Hello Everybody

Classroom rules review

Pitch Exploration:  The Airplane Ride (21)

All right-ascending

oh no-descending

airplane puppet-motor

Mr. Lynn

Mr. Lynn is very thin

Mr. Pratt is very fat

Mr. Cort is very short

Mr. Hall is very tall

Mr. Dent is very bent

But Mr. Wait is very straight

Movement Exploration-Loud is Big, soft is small

When the drum is tapped softly, take small steps

When the drum is hit loudly, take large steps

Tongo-call and response song-2 canoes

There Were 4 skaters

1. There were four skaters skating away

skating away, skating away

There were 4 skaters skating away

on a cold and frosty morning

2. The ice broke and they all fell in

3. The old swing out and the new swing in