Jan. 23rd-26th: K/1st


Pitch Exploration-Follow the Otamatone with your voice-flow

Read Story: The Other Day I Met a Bear

What face does the fox make when:

they see the bear

they decide to run

they see the tree

they miss the branch

they caught the branch

they are safe

Sing song, call and response

rhythm/pitch syllables


Grandma's Glasses-Attention Getter

Movement Exploration-Tap and flow: Awareness of Flow

Students are in pairs

One student is the sculptor and the other is the sculpture

Sculptor taps on a part of the body of the sculpture until it is where they want it

sculpture moves that part of their body in a smooth flow until tapping stops

When Sculpture is where the Sculptor wants it, sculptor mirrors the sculpture

Switch roles

Movement Exploration-Who's the leader? Awareness of Flow

class is in circle

1 student leaves the room

Teacher choose a leader

students follow the movements of the leader 

try not to look directly at the leader

Student from hall tries to figure out who the leader was.



Music Literacy

sing on letters, repeat after me

sing on letters, repeat after me