Sept. 18th-Sept. 22nd: k/1st

Pitch Exploration


Movement Exploration

Listen to the instrument.  When it plays you move, when it stops you stop (switch)

Finger Plays (call and response then together with motions)


Here's a bunny with ears so funny

And here is his hole in the ground

At the first sound he hears, he wiggles his ears

And jumps right into the ground!

Pitch and movement exploration-sol feggio

Fredick Fountain climbed a mountain right up to the very top

Walk with me (stand, fly, crawl, sit)

Flea! Fly! pg. 32-steady pulse

Movement Exploration

Statues:  when you hear the tambourine strike be a statue of a lion, when you hear it strike again be a statue of a giraffe.  (transition quickly and slowly)     

My Aunt Came Back