Dec. 14th-15th: Middle School

Bell Work:  Where do you see music in everyday life?

Trabajo de Bell: ¿dónde usted ve música en la vida diaria?

Goal:  To have your songwriting work peer edited.  

Share your work with another group (preferably a group doing the same project as you are)

Explain what you have done and the direction you are going.

Both groups finish sharing before the peer review beings

Look at the rubric for your project

Write on the back of the other group's rubric


what are 3 specific strengths

what are 3 specific things this group could do to improve their work

When you get your review back, conference and explain your thinking

Edit your own work.

The entire project is due on Dec. 21st.

Take home your work if you feel it is necessary

Remember, if you have signed up to sing in the choir at the winter program, keep practicing at home.