Oct. 24th-25th: Middle School

Bell Work:  Does your lullaby have 2 verses?  Are there 4 lines in each verse?  Is there a logical rhyme scheme?  Does each sentence have its own line on the paper?  Do you have chords marked above the sentences where you want the chords the change?  Do you have a melody chosen for your lullaby?  What do you need to do today?  How can Sensei assist you in completing your work?


Write down:  What words rhyme?  Look for 4 sets of rhyming words

How do you know this is a lullaby?

To turn in your assignment:

Fill out the rubric-without the rubric you will not get a grade

Staple together the following documents:  rubric, final song, rough draft with feedback from Sensei, 20 sentences and word web

Are you interested in helping Sensei change guitar strings?  Wednesday after school from 3-4 we will have a guitar stringing session.  Let her know if you want to help!