Oct. 16th-17th: Middle School

Bell Work:  

What songs were sung to you as a child?  Who sung them to you?  How do you feel when you hear the songs today?

Ukulele Groups:

We will be divided into 3 groups for ukulele for the next week or so.  These groups have been chosen based on student needs.  You will find out what your objectives are when you are working with Sensei.

While you are not with Sensei you are working on your lullabies.  You are working alone or with the 1 other person that you chose to work with last week.  You should have 20 sentences that were written from words from your word web.  If you do not have 20 sentences you need to finish that before you move forward.

When you have 20 sentences you may get an ukulele, review your 4 chords and create some melodies for some of your sentences.  There isn't a wrong answer.  Just make it up and allow yourself to make mistakes.  Be brave.  

When you've spent some time coming up with a melody that you like start to look for sentences that could rhyme.  Move words around.  Start to piece together your song.  Think of it like a puzzle you're trying to solve.