1st, 2nd January

Aloha Song

Music room rules-How can we be responsible, respectful, safe?

Toss Across-In a circle, standing.  Student holding Stewart will say the name of another student and then toss across making a glissando that follows Stewart.  Then sit.

Vocal Warm ups-massage, solfeggio

We Want Peace

We want peace throughout our nation, we want peace throughout our world

We want love and happiness to reign o'ver lives of boys and girls

Little children sharing and caring for each other every day

Living peacefully together while at work and while at play

Walk how far?

Find a place to stand in the room,

walk forward as far as it is from one end of bed to other

bicycle, car, tv to where you sit, others?

Different note names and hand shapes

whole note, half, quarter, eighth

Music staff, line and space

Skip or Step?