K3/K4/K5 September, 2016

Learning Intentions:  

Students will know the procedures of the music classroom.  They will be able to demonstrate how to move safely within the music room in a variety of ways, how to get the teachers attention and how to ask to go to the bathroom, get a drink, and to say they agree with something someone else has said.  Students will be introduced to new songs.


ASL: bathroom, water, and same

Music Vocab: ukelele, beat, sing


Sit with legs in a pretzel, hands in lap

Hello Everybody-with ukelele

What is a beat-show and try

clap, pat knees, hop (with beat)

Sensei Intro

Keyboard behavior

Entering the classroom and finding assigned spaces quickly and quietly

Books, papers and instruments are handled safely and appropriately

Words which show respect and kindness are used

Student focus on growth and effort

Line up is quick and quiet

New Signs

show, ask, show, examples

Bathroom, water, same

Walk with Me Song

Be a Mirror

Sit with Me

Rhythm Sticks with a beat

Show how to get the sticks, how to hold them and how to play them

Mirror me on the beat

Golden Cello

Review Signs:  Bathroom, Water, Same

Tone Matrix-end of class game

Line up-show first

Success Criteria:

Students are able to sign bathroom, water and same.  Students have shown they are are able to line up and move around the room in a variety of ways.