K3, K4, K5 September

Hello Everybody-clap fast, clap slow, Walk slow, Walk fast

What instruments do you hear/see?

Pan Flute, violin, maracas, conga, guiro, 

Pitch Exploration:  Back shapes-one student "draws" on the back of another with their finger.  Student whose back is being "drawn" on matches voice with the shape they are feeling.

Fredrick Fountain climbed a mountain right up to the very top!

Time awareness:  I'll count to 5-one spot of the room to another, don't arrive early, don't arrive late!

Hop Up and Jump Up-solfeggio-pg 73

clap rhythm-how else can we express the rhythm?

Do Sol, Mi Do Mi Sol

Do Sol, Mi Sol Mi Do

Fast land slow land with music

If the music is slow go to slow land

If the music is fast go to fast land