Do Now: Do at a level “0” in your seat

See half sheet of paper

Universal Human Value: Love

Sub-value: Empathy

Thought of the week: Out of many, One.

Objective: To see that everyone more or less has the same struggles, pain, and joys in life and to be moved to help one another.

Activity: Listen to someone’s story this week. Listen attentively and observe yourself

with any judgement you are making. Remember that even if their story has nothing in

common with yours or you don’t understand it, it is still real for them. Focus on the

aspects that you have in common.

Drum Pattern for Lift Every Voice and Sing

  • high hat-subdivision

  • fills

Songs that use the C, F, G, Am chords

  • Tips for practice

    • start with only the root (name of the chord)

    • Sustain the chord and listen for change

    • add rhythm that fits with the feel of the song

Homework-Choose the song that you are going to test on next week and put it on your playlist. Practice body percussion on the song you chose and try out the rhythm that you would want to play for it.