Do Now: Complete at a level “0” in your spot. I mean it.

  • How will you know your student has learned what you wanted to teach?

  • What will you do if how you planned to teach your student isn’t working out?

  • What is your comfort level for the lesson you will be teaching today?

  • Turn in homework on the piano

Human Values:

Universal Human Value: Love

Sub-Value: Empathy

Thought of the week: Out of many, One.

Objective: To see that everyone more or less has the same struggles, pain, and joys in

life and to be moved to help one another.

Silent Sitting: Meditation of the Light

Practice teaching:

  • Review of lesson

Actual Lesson:

  • student arrives for lesson

  • Student feedback for teachers

Homework: Listen to the song “lift every voice and sing” and find a drum beat pattern using your body that will fit with it.