Do Now: Complete at a level “0” in your spot. I mean it.

  • Draw this keyboard in your notebook

  • How are the black keys grouped together?


Human Values:

Universal Human Value: Love

Sub-Value: Empathy

Thought of the week: Out of many, One.

Objective: To see that everyone more or less has the same struggles, pain, and joys in

life and to be moved to help one another.

Silent Sitting: Meditation of the Light

Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 5.21.59 PM.png

Practice teaching:

  • Who starts?

    • Put in order our lessons

  • Practice teaching them to Sensei

    • Tomorrow we will have a guest to teach

  • After all the lessons we will share feedback with each other

    • 2 glows and a grow

Homework: Look up the following chords on the internet (google search should yield fine results)

Be able to list the notes that belong in each chord

  • D7

  • G major

  • B7

  • D minor

  • D major

  • E major

  • A minor

  • A7

  • G diminished

  • C minor

  • C major