Do Now: Complete at a level “0” in your seat

  • The fill that we play using the snare, floor tom and bass drum starts on which beat?

  • The fill that we play using each tom with eighth notes begins on which beat?

  • When we finish playing a fill what do we play on beat 1 of the next measure?

  • What is the sticking pattern for a paradiddle?

Human Values

Universal Human Value: Love

Sub-value: Self-Acceptance

Thought of the week: “Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.” - Gautama Buddha

Objective: To accept who and where we are so that every difficulty is an opportunity to grow.

Silent Sitting: Light Meditation - Square Breathing


Norms: Stay focused on classroom objectives, challenge your ability, support others, Work at level 0-2 at each station, when Sensei says “and stop” stop immediately and go to level “0” with your eyes on her and wait for further directions

Values: Love, Truth, Service, Justice

  • Station 1

    • Activity: The Half Page Activity

      Step 1: fold a blank page into two halves.

      Step 2: On the top half of the page write negative thoughts that you have regularly about yourself. On the bottom, write all the positive thoughts you have about yourself.

      Step 3: Remember that the thoughts that we think about ourselves can make us feel good or bad and that it is important to examine the truth of these thoughts and work towards telling ourselves more positive things so that we can feel better more often.

      Step 4: Share one thought you wrote down on either side of the page with your group.

  • Station 2

    • Practice teaching your lesson with another person in your group

  • Station 3

    • Practice Paradiddles

      • extra challenge, try using 2 different surfaces for the r and l hands

  • Station 4

    • Sensei Station-practice at drum sets