Do Now: Write down 5 things you would say to someone you were teaching to play the drums using their body

Human Values: N/A

To teach the rhythm we learn last week me must break it down into steps.

Suggested steps are:

  • The parts of the body that represent the drums (and what drums they represent)

  • The rhythms for each drum part on the body

  • How to put 2 rhythms together

  • How to put all 3 rhythms together

  • Playing the rhythms on your body along with music

  • How to hold the sticks

  • How to transfer the body percussion to the drum set

    • Playing 1 rhythm at a time

    • Playing 2 rhythms at a time

    • Playing 3 rhythms at a time

Are there any other steps?

Teach Sensei

8th note fill on 3 + 4+

Practice on body-switching R hand from high hat to floor tom





Put in context-3 bars of rock beat then 4th bar rock beat on 1 and 2 then fill on 3 and 4

Homework: Watch this video and be ready to discuss tomorrow