Dec. 1 Middle School

Learning Intentions

  1. Students will hold the ukelele with good form and be able to strum a C major chord with good tone and steady rhythm.
  2. Students will describe the violin:  features, how it makes it's sound, evolution of violin
  3. Students will be able to play hand drums with 2 tones, bass and open.  They will perform basic patterns using these strokes.  In small groups, students will write and then perform rhythmic compositions using a rhythm matrix.



ukelele body goes under right arm

right hand fingers sit on the body of the ukelele under the fretboard

right hand thumb strums the strings

neck is pointed slightly upwards

left hand forms a C with the the thumb behind the neck


How is the violin similar to the ukelele?


Hand Drum


Bass=X (flat open hand in the middle of the drum)

If no drum, pat lap

Open=O (curved hand on edge of drum)

If no drum, clap

Call and response of rhythms

Review rhythm matrixIMG_7187




Success Criteria