In The Still Of The Night-ukelele lesson

I have chosen the song "In The Still Of The Night" to illustrate/practice the triplet strum on ukelele.  The way that we're going to play the triplet strum is by using the pointer finger (i) and thumb (p) only.  

The pattern is down down up (i p p).  Those fingers in that order.  When the pointer takes its first down stroke you must keep the thumb above the strings so that it is in place for the next down stroke.  Keep the notes even.  As the title suggests, a triplet pattern has 3 equal tones.  

For "In The Still Of The Night" I"m using the book "The Daily Ukelele" leap year edition.  It's on page 189.  This book has a plethora of very playable and fun songs.  Enjoy!