Throw Down your Heart: Bela Fleck Movie

If you are anything like me and happen to be a Netflix junkie you may enjoy the movie "Throw Down your Heart" which is a documentary of Bela Fleck exploring the roots of the banjo.  Bela Fleck is known for his virtuosic banjo playing in a multitude of styles.  The banjo has deep roots within the African culture and Bela Fleck helps find those connections within Western African villages.  You are able to see and hear a couple instruments that the banjo may have evolved from.  Before heading off to Africa, Bela spent significant time listening to African music and playing with it to see how his instrument may fit in with the current music.  Bela Fleck had two goals when creating this film:  1. To bring the banjo back to Africa and 2. Help others see how the banjo has evolved from traditional African instruments.  As people often associate the banjo with traditional country music it was an eye opening film.  I enjoyed seeing the banjo used in a way that defied its stereotype as a southern country music instrument.