Aloha Song: By Kalani Das

The "Aloha Song" by Kalani Das is a light and fun way to open up a music class, music therapy session or any variety of group activities for children or nursing home group activities.  While at the Wisconsin Music Educator's convention a couple years ago I had the opportunity to take a session led by Kalani called "Drummin' and Strummin'."  It was a quite a bit of fun and it was actually the moment when I decided I really wanted to do more with ukelele with my students at the school. One of the aspects of this song that I really enjoy is that it exposes people to how folks around the entire world say hello.  It also gives the participants a chance to share how they like to say hello.  It is a confidence builder because even the most shy child can wave their hand to say hello when it's their turn.  I enjoy seeing the interesting ways the students come up with for how they like to say hello.  From a head nod to a handshake to a "howdy."   It's possible that I may enjoy this song a bit more than the normal person because my sister lives in Hawaii so I think of her every time I sing it.

One thing that I have done is to use another meaning of "Aloha" which is goodbye.  Aloha can also mean I love you.  So we can sing the "Aloha Song" at the beginning of class and the end.  Check out the video with Kalani below.  It's easy to understand and he gives you several ideas on how to use this song.  Enjoy!