The Creative Advisor: Gregory Douglass is a website I came across yesterday while perusing Facebook and came across Gregory Douglass' page.  He is a songwriter and performer that I was inspired by in college.  The second time he came to Central Michigan University to perform I was asked to open for him.  I've learned a lot about songwriting and performing since then but I have never forgotten how excited I was to hear someone like him perform.  It was really the pivotal time when I got interested in live music. His site has video blogs that contain information about jump starting your music career.  The videos are engaging, to the point and informative.  Gregory is someone who knows what he's talking about.  He performs all over the country, recorded numerous albums, and has even had his music featured on television.

If topics such as "How to get gigs for your band on autopilot" or "How to make a video on your own for free" interest you it is well worth your time to check out (and Gregory Douglass' music while you're at it)!

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