Website review:

Making Music Fun is a website that I've been visiting for about a year now for miscellaneous teaching tools. Pros:  They have free and printable worksheets ranging from instrument naming to composers.  There are also illustrative and fun practice charts.  These are resources that a school teacher, private teacher or even a parent may want to use. also has a variety of links including a "private music teacher resources index" that includes links to website templates, music association links, music advocacy websites and more.  If you look on the left sidebar there is a link for an "arcade," click there.  Then scroll down and you'll find some rudimentary flash games to practice some music theory concepts.

Cons:  The website is not entirely intuitive and not super easy to navigate.  Also, I would say the biggest downside of this website is that it is caked with ads.

If you have created or use any website that you would like to share please let me know.  I'm always looking to share more resources with like minded folk.